Country, Organisation:

Number of dentists, total:
By gender: M % F %
Working schedule for women:
 full time     part time
In the public sector: Is there a difference in salary between male and female dentists?
 yes     no
Is the membership of the national dental organisation:
compulsory:  yes     no
voluntary:     yes     no
What is the % of women in the Council of your association?
Is there a separate association for women dentists?
 yes     no
Maternity entitlement: Is there a guarantee to return
to work after a maternity leave?
In private sector:  yes     no
In public sector:   yes     no

Maternity entitlement: During the leave, is there
any salary?
In private sector:  yes     no
In public sector:   yes     no

Is it usual for women to take a career break?
 yes     no
Are the retirement entitlements the same for
male and female dentists?
 yes     no

Details of the differences: