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European Regional Organisation
of the Federation Dentaire Internetionale


Kuala Lumpur Declaration, 2001
FDI Women Dentists Worldwide exists to • co-ordinate the activities of the national groups • promote the collection of information about women dentists and their pattern of working • address inequalities where they exist • faciliate contacts between women worldwide • enhance their full participation in all branches of the profession.

The European Regional Organization ERO stimulated by the expressive changes in the gender ctructure of dentists established a working group Women in Dentistry

The ERO Working group Woman in dentistry is established in accordance with Kuala lumpur Declaration and the FDI Constitution (FDI Constitution, Chapter VI), Working Group WiD is set up, and composed of international (NDA) and external members nominated by the Plenary Session.

The face of dentistry is changing - and women want the full participation.

The mision of the WG Women in dentistry is to organize the network of cooperation and support between female dentists in Europe.

In Europe, more than 60% dentists are women.

• make the profession conscious about the phenomenon of the feminisation of the dental profession
• guantify it and gather the data
• look to the differences between man and women practice and their consequences
• gather information about the actions taken in relationship with the woman dentists by their dental associations.

WG Wid collects and reports the data about:
• Work conditions - retirement, maternity leave
• Salary
• Earnings
• Postgraduate education
• Position in the University
• Education
• Management
• Making decision level

with FDI Section Women dentists worldwide:
• propose the topics for the World Forum
• transfer of experience
• propose the speakers
• propose award






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Women in dentistry,

Latvia 88%
Estonia 87%
Lithuania 83%
Poland 78%
Finland 69%
Romania 68%
Bulgaria 66%
Croatia 66%
Czech 65%
Slovenia 63%
Slovakia 61%
FR Macedonia 60%
Armenia 60%
Serbia 59%
Hungary 57%
Sveden 51%
Denmark 50%
Belgium 48%
Cyprus 47%
Greece 46%
Norway 45%
UK 42%
Austria 40%
Azerbaija 40%
Germany 40%
Turkey 40%
France 37%
Iceland 35%
Italy 35%
Ireland 35%
Luxemburg 30%
Netherlands 28%
Malta 25%
Switzerland 22%